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self-made odessa

Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Type: Case study in urban planning

Tired of watching Odessa being ruined, we tried to imagine an alternative path for its development. A path that not only fulfils the needs of the people but empowers them to shape their environment. This project is the product of our love for the city and [...]

april 2023

Stripe Architects_Self-Made Odessa

vyhovskoho revitalization

Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Type: Case study in urban planning

This project demonstrates a practical application of a noncommercial approach to urban planning in modern Ukraine. Similar suburbs can be seen in most cities of the former USSR, because of that, methods utilized in this project [...]

september 2019

Stripe Architects_Vyhovskoho Revitalization

labourbe hill

Location: Odessa, Ukraine
Type: Landscape architecture

In downtown Odessa, an abandoned park is located near the port. Today, after decades of neglect, it looks more like an overgrown forest than a park. It became a place people are afraid to pass through, let alone have a picnic. That isolated a territory at the [...]

april 2019

Stripe Architects_Labourbe Hill

vertical farm

Location: Cottbus, Germany
Type: Renovation

A former granary, built in the 1930s, is located in the city of Cottbus in eastern Germany. Its structure consists of a reinforced concrete frame, which made the interior easy to change. Brick outer walls have many small windows, which makes the building appear [...]

february 2019

Stripe Architects_Vertical Farm

viaduct hotel

Location: Berlin, Germany
Type: New construction

A hotel, stretched along a railway viaduct, is located in downtown Berlin. Due to the excessive length of the site, we've split the facade into four volumes to balance out its proportions. To give the building a more monolithic appearance [...]

october 2018

Stripe Architects_Viaduct Hotel